Industrial Fiber

Coconut Fiber is the most strongest extraction of fiber from the husk/shell of coconuts. Coir fiber is 100% natural, biodegradable and an eco-friendly alternative to synthetic fiber.

We manufacture an exclusive range of high-quality industrial fiber products to different industrial needs.

Coir Fibre Bales (Mattress Fibre/Mix Fibre)

Mattress Fiber & Mix fiber are using for Bedding, Upholstery Industry, Drainage Filters and also as raw materials to related industries such as in producing woven geotextiles, stitched blankets, coir logs and erosion control purposes.

Twisted Fiber

Twisted Fiber will be using for Automobile Upholstery, Drainage & Air Condition Filters Manufacturing of Packing Material. Packed in Coil form

Coir Fibre Bales

Twisted Fiber