About Us

Welcome to First Concept Fiber

First Concept Inc is recognized as a pioneer in popularizing the use of coconut fiber in the North American market. Having started as a supplier and distributor of industrial coconut fiber, First Concept gradually introduced value added products as it expanded it’s customer base. When the demand for natural and bio degradable erosion control products emerged, First Concept was in the forefront with its offerings of coir blankets, coir logs, coir twine and an assortment of geo textile products. Our flexibility in meeting customer requirements for customized products and the integrity of our manufacturing facilities in India and Sri Lanka coupled with personalized customer service through our US based Sales Offices have allowed First Concept to be a premier supplier to the North American market for over three decades. Our business philosophy is centered on QUALITY- no matter what, we would never compromise on maintaining the highest quality standards for our products. Our staff manage the entire supply chain with a hands on approach to provide our customers with a trouble free and on time delivery.